About the founder

My name is Cedric Eveleigh, I’m a mechanical engineer and mountain biker, and I invented the Supre Drive.

I grew up in in the town of Chelsea, Quebec, where I learned how to mountain bike at a young age on gnarly east coast terrain. I’ve been thinking about technical problems with mountain bikes since my days as a teenager wrenching in bike shops.

After completing engineering studies, I spent some time thinking about the problem of derailleurs on mountain bikes. While taking a break during a ride, I had a light-bulb moment. I then built a benchtop prototype drivetrain which proved the idea to work. That was in March of 2019, and I’ve been developing the invention full time since then.

I built two prototype bikes and have gone through many iterations of the drivetrain parts. While continuing to climb technical learning curves, I’m now working my way up the huge and exciting learning curve of building a company.

For many years, I’ve been fascinated by every bit of technology in mountain bikes. I’m stoked to be making a contribution to their improvement so that the sport becomes even more awesome of an experience.

About the company

The goal at Lal is to make the Supre Drive as affordable, durable, and high performing as possible while respecting people and the environment.

We manufacture the derailleur, chain tensioner, and idler pulley in Canada. These parts will be sold to bike companies that spec the Supre Drive and also directly to mountain bikers, the same way as existing drivetrain companies. 

We’re open to collaborating with all bike companies in the development of frames equipped with the Supre Drive. We envision a future where the Supre Drive is available on mountain bikes from several bike companies, providing an improved mountain biking experience where people can ride with complete confidence in their drivetrain.

In honor of the spirit of invention, Lal is named after Pierre Lallement, who is considered by some to have invented the bicycle.